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In 1991, I had the incredible opportunity to work with Captain Ted Assu of the F.V. Mary Isle. For 2 years we had steamed around the Pacific Northwest searching out Salmon and Herring including various contracts with the Department of Fisheries such as the Herring Spawn Assement of  Moresby Island of the Queen Charlotte Islands. Ted's Wife Denise, a Haida Princess and members of her family, had given me the amazing opportunity to explore with them thoughout not only just the visual experience of the Queen Charlotte Islands and the Pacific Northwest, but also to experience the Spiritual Side of this most Mystical and Magical place on the face of this Earth.


Heavy Duty Mechanic and Marine Engineer

I worked in the Caterpillar system for many years in mining, contruction, power generation and marine.

Having worked on the MacKenzie River System, Athabasca River and Athabaska Lake on Tug Boats etc. gave me an excellent knowledge of the total water shed from the Alberta Mountains to the Arctic Ocean.

In 1991, I worked with Captain Ted Assu on a Large Salmon Herring Seiner covering the entire West Coast of Canada. Workinbg directly for the West Coast Aboriginal Fisherman gave me a in depth understanding of their culture including the History of their lives over thousdands of years. I was able to visit many of their area's they visited during their gathering and preparing food throughout the West Coast from the San Juan Islands to Alaska.

In 1993, I was reading a yachting magazine on a BC ferry and found a Crew Placement Agency for large Motor Yachts. Shortly after I found myself in Singapore working on a large Motor Yacht for the Richest Man in Singapore.

Later working for so many of the Rich and Famous and the people with Way TOOOOO much money, I decided that I would love to live on a Sailboat. Wind Dancer became my sailboat and my home.




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